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Stupid 5th wheels!!!

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Just bought my new truck to pull my 5th wheel and wouldnt ya know it, that truck is a monster and I figured I could just reverse the lift I was sure was in it.

Well I was confused:CRY: it was stock other than 35s. So i go back to stock tires and still its 5" higher than the frame and hitch on the trailer:thud:

Well we finally flipped the trailer axle's (a whole new adventure) and it looks like that might do the trick other than I have to extend the jacks on front of the trailer.

The one question I have is what do you think about towability of the trailer being that high?? Thanks Kenny
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ive got a stock height 02 with a 26 foot 5er with the axles flipped and it tows great. way better than my bumper pull did
Welcome to the forum btw!
my buddy made a camper that is currently on 38.5 mudding tires and it pulls like a dream.
:welcome: my 33 footer has a 2 or 2 1/2" lift, don't dierecrtly remember now, but it pulls just fine.
Thanks guys thats what I was hoping to hear. :beer I own a small Archery shop and I travel to shoots almost ever week end so that trailer is my life blood... Thanks again. Kenny:woot:
dunno why all trucks are so tall , and cannot buy a lowering kit .
I double pull ( 5th wheel and bassboat ), so to keep the rig level ,I had to fabricate
a four inch lowering set-up on my 01 ..
It was a lot of work ,however I feel a lot better with the rig low ,and level..
Also fuel milage is better with lowered truck .
What is the overall heigth of the trailer from the ground to the top of the AC unit or highest point on the trailer?

Should not exceed 13'6".

Just thought I'ed throw that out there.
motorboat, ya spooked me there for a minute 'cause I hadnt even thought of the 13' 6" issue but It turned out to be fine at 11' 2".

Haybalor, I agree, there should be some kind of kit to lower these beasts for towing but my wife loves they way it looks. Kenny
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