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2002 Dodge Ram 2500
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Hey Guys, thought I'd type up a quick guide on my experience with oil filters that don't want to come loose. Feel free to comment any more suggestions/ideas.

Oil Filter Removal Tool
Pretty straight forward. Follow the directions for you specific tool. Works in most scenarios but I've found that depending on how tight the space is and how snug the filter is that sometimes this just doesn't cut it.

Screw Driver Trick
So I've read a lot of people saying to use this method. Stab a screwdriver through the filter and twist it loose. I've had mixed results. Sometimes this works great, but it's always a mess and it can turn a simple task into a full project. I've had the screwdriver tear the filter right off with just the threading remaining, so unless you wanna deal with welding a nut onto it or banging on it with a flat head screwdriver I'd stay away from this.

Ratchet Strap Leverage
By far the most effective way to remove a rusted or seized filter. I've never heard of anyone doing this before but it has saved my life multiple times before.
Take the end of the strap and loop the hook around the filter and onto itself. Hook the other end of the strap to the frame of the truck or other sturdy surface. As you start cranking it down the loop and hook around the filter will bite down onto it. It may create a dent on the side of the filter. Keep cranking it until it loosens. I have also wrapped a second strap and hook around the filter and pulled that manually.

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