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For those of you that are not on Facebook or don't get our newsletter, I figured we should share that we will be moving soon. After over 12 years in business, and over 7 years in our current location, we have finally found our permanent home! We don't have a firm move date yet as we are still getting the new location ready, but we did get to watch our first ever "real" building sign go up today (no more vinyl banners), which really drove home how close we are and how much it means to finally be at this point! Here's a teaser of our new sign:

For those of you that we have had the pleasure of serving (whether local to us or via mail order), please accept our most heartfelt THANK YOU for all of your support and business over the years. Our fantastic customers are the backbone of our ability to hire and retain awesome staff members, produce and sell great products and live the "American Dream". Please know that we Sincerely Appreciate every last one of you and we look forward to serving you for many years to come!!!

If we have not yet had the opportunity to do business with you, please give us a shot! We love nothing more than taking great care of our customers!

Since we will be having the pleasure of moving in "toasty" June, it will be a while before we get to really celebrate. We are planning to do a "New Shop Party" later in the year when it cools off again though. I will keep you posted, on the off chance you are local and interested in attending.
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