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hell buy a 24v with blown vp or from a totaled truck put a built p-pump on it with twins or tripples. ya and all the supporting mods studs, firerings built tranny ect. jeff garmon of garmon diesel performance in atlanta ga could help with tuning. he built a 800hp 12v in a 1500 1/2ton truck(rc,sb 2x4) and he can do a roling burnout at 70mph and he barly puts out a haze at WFO. granted thats a half ton but it will still do that in a 3/4ton. you might have seen it in diesel power about 4 months ago. its an 08 burgendy dodge 1500.

i think it will be a pita to get the ecm for the common rail to work right and have all the guages working.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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