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strange turbo whistle from drivers side

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replaced head gasket a few months ago and changed from ATT tune to non turbo tune. since then i have noticed a turbo whistling sound on the drivers side while drivng. It always starts at 7psi. To me it sounds like a vaccum leak that is somehow connected to the turbo, it sounds like its coming from a very small area on the drivers side. The sound increase and decreases as boost goes up and down beginning at 7 psi

Any ideas? thanks
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If the leak is only noticeable at a certain psi then it might be a tear in one of the I/C pipes or a bad coupler. Cap the compressor housing and pressurize the system with a air source. Ideally, I would use one of the vacuum hoses that can be found on the intake horn side to pressurize the system. If you don't hold any pressure then you have your answer right there... Now use soap water to pin point the leak as some one else stated.
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