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Strange noise

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When I apply the brakes I here a mettalic POP/THUNK noise coming from under the front passengerside. It is inconsistent during normal driving but if I hold the pedal so that the truck will just shift slightly when going from reverse to drive or vise versa it will do it almost every time. BTW it is an auto. Any suggestions? I thought it might be the track bar unloading but I'm not so sure after sitting in my parking spot going from drive to reverse for 15 minutes today.
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Start by checking the u-joint on the front axle shaft. Then if they are tight jack her up and check ball joints, tie rods and the unit bearings. The 3G trucks seam to be able to keep a track bar under them better than the 2G's. How many miles on this one? Good Luck... Chris
Yea, that's what i was gonna say.

Rear U-joints around 60k in my old 04.5 and i'm about ready to deal with it on the 06 (54k).
Yeah, take a look at the rear u-joints too. Another thing that can do this if you offroad any is if the lower suspension links at the axle get dinged, they can be going metal on metal. When you put the brakes on the dings rub. Both of these things are pretty easy to spot, but since you said right front it made me think of this. Your avatar makes me think it a little more! :)
I don't know what the front end looks like on the newer trucks but when I got my 97 4-WD it did that on the left side. The front bolt on the lower control arm (the castor adjustment) was not tight enough and was slipping in the adjustment slot.
yea i would say u joint as well this happened to my moms truck alittle while ago and i replaced the u joint and good as new
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