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stranded off the freeway!

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Think I just losy an injector.... Truck has a lumpy muffled idle no power... Need some advice on what I can do other than call the towtruck
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Yeah have a code but don't have my reader with me. I was closr enough to home my brother brought the trailer. No fuel seen in oil and while loading it it wiuld go from muffled idle it would jump back and forth frim idling right to muffled... And it would learch forward on the trailer. She's home now and tests begin
It pops a 2149 injector group b circut open.
Any headway???

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Yep, #6 injector solinoid went out. Picked up an injector and a free heart attach with price. And I'm tackling the repair today. Wish me luck never done an injector before
Turned out good so far, idles very smooth runs smooth just feels like less power thoughm I'm thinking I may have fubbed the valve adjustment?
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