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Straight 4"

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I just finished puttin the straight pipe on my truck. WOW! I love it, I am gonna go broke drivin this think cuz it sounds so good when I romp on it.:peelout:woot:
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yes, you wont stop smiling for a few weeks.
you will also find yourself goosing it a bit just to hear it purr.
Makin it straight really opens it up glad you like it. I did mine about 6 months ago and still love it.:thumbsup

I really like mine too, especially with the 6" tip, at an idle it just barks at you which I like alot:hyper:
yes nothing sounds better than a straight piped inline 6 diesel
how much louder is no cat vs no muffler? i straight piped my muffler but still have the sounds awesome but i would't mind it a little louder?
I dont know what difference it makes. All I know is that I cut out the cat then the muff. And the change was barely audible with just the cat out. I would take it out anyway, turn it in for the core and go buy somethin else for your truck!!!!!!
You remove the cat you will notice a differance I promise.:thumbsup
yeah, if you cut out the cat AND muff your gonna hear a difference.
not sure i could take it that loud or not. haha.
if someone has a sound clip of running no cat and no muff i would like to hear.

Living and driving the Pittsburgh, and wheeling, WV areas there are lots of tunnels, there is nothing cooler than laying on it in a tunnel, I think it actually p'o's the cars, of coarse it isn't as bad as some Harleys runnin straight pipes
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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