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Story time......

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Well due too rising diesel prices me and the wife had to make some changes......As of two weeks ago we are the proud new owners of a 07 Dodge it is the day we bought it.

So I started to drive her camaro back and forth to work and park the Cummins.....And it was about a 50/50 half due to rising fuel cost and half to keep the miles off of the Cummins so I can keep it a while:thumbsup So I have been driving a 94 Z28 for a couple of weeks. And I think that I have posted a pic before but I know how busy the site is so here it is again

I really isnt that bad to drive but its not a Cummins......Anyways to make a long story short I found a reason to drive the Cummins today and the wife almost couldnt get me out of it. You dont know how much I enjoyed driving it today....almost made me want to sell the Z and buy a transmission and some sticks and just drive the wheels off of the Cummins. I couldnt see selling it even if .....or when fuel hits $7 a gallon....

And since I am posting pics here is a pic of my other toy that I have had since I turned 16....enjoy

And the motor.....

Thats all I got right now.....
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