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I didn't pay attention - sorry

but I did post this on a couple of other forums and on my facebook...

and here is a Subaru/Rally forums guy's response:

I work for the ARB as a student assistant(different division), but this sh!t is appalling, the amount of regulations that we pass in CA is stupid.
Anyway here's another article about this guy.

also, the only reason he was demoted was due to the fact he had to have a degree to be in the position. otherwise he would have probably just been suspended.

This is what really gets me,

"At least two of the agency's nine board members have said the issue raises serious concerns about the regulations' legitimacy.

Tuesday, Nichols spokesman Leo Kay said agency staff should have notified the board about the problems with Tran's credentials before the diesel vote. But he said the regulations were warranted even without the conclusions in Tran's study.

Air board officials ordered his study reassessed by a peer review panel, which declared it sound."

Senior board members have issues with the study, the head of the board says it doesn't matter, that they still need the regulations(when in fact the person presenting the info wasn't qualified to present it), so lets give it a peer review, no way in hell a third party independent tester should be involved.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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