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stock wheels and 35s

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currently running 35X12.5 grapplers with 4.5 backspacing on my 07 with a 6 inch superlift. I want to try and find some narrower 35s and put my stock wheels back on. Is there a good 11-11.5 wide 35 out there or can i run the stock wheels with a 12.5 and not have any rubbing? I'm not a huge fan of the tires sticking too far out. Thanks
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just my opinion but...

a 35x11x17 tire is going to look really small and really narrow on stock wheels with a 6'' superlift.

I had a 5'' procomp lift with 315/70/17 (34.5x12) on 5'' BS procomp wheels and that looked really small.

now I'm running about a 3'' lift with stock wheels and 37x12.5x17 and thats about perfect.
I too was really hesitant from going to 37'' from 35'' with the 6 speed auto and 3.73 rear end. I've had the 37'' for a few weeks now and I wouldnt go back. my MPG was about the same after 2 fill ups hand calculated. There was no difference in power but my 35'' did weigh considerably more (heavy toyo MTs and 20'' wheels) than the lighter combo I'm running now.

In those pics chris is running a 2.5'' leveling kit with ~35''.

37'' will look much more portortional on a 6'' lift than 35''.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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