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stock wheels and 35s

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currently running 35X12.5 grapplers with 4.5 backspacing on my 07 with a 6 inch superlift. I want to try and find some narrower 35s and put my stock wheels back on. Is there a good 11-11.5 wide 35 out there or can i run the stock wheels with a 12.5 and not have any rubbing? I'm not a huge fan of the tires sticking too far out. Thanks
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I think the best tires are for 18" wheels, I would rather keep my stock wheels too, but they dont have much of a selection in E rated 35X12.50X17s. I looked at 35X12.50X17 tires from Pro Comp, Dick Cepek, and Toyo A/Ts and there all D rated. In 18" tires they have the 285/75/18(35X11.50) Toyos A/T or M/T and there both E rated. You can find 18" wheels on the Discount Tire Direct website, they have Ballistic Off Road and MB Motoring wheels with 6" of backspacing(25mm offset) too.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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