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Stock Lift Pump

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2nd gen 2001 2500 5.9 4 speed auto with 66k miles. Anyone got any numbers on % of failure rate on stock lift pump. Got it new and have towed T/T CGVW of less than 16k for approx 25K miles. Never had any indication of fuel flow problems. Why change out the stock pump? Have put Banks Power Pack on it.

Mohok in Manning, SC
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My 01's lp died at 60k and my 04's died at 80k. You'll get better exposure in the 2nd gen threads. The chapter threads are mostly used for events and keeping in touch with our neighbors.:thumbsup:

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There are several problems with the stock lift pump. Location is one problem, it's located on the engine and has to "suck" fuel for about 6-8ft for all of its life. Most everyone here relocates it or a replacement pump on the frame just outside the fuel tank so that it can "push" fuel to the injection pump.

Another problem is that it is very unpredictable as to when it will fail. Some people here have reported failure at 10k miles, some go 110k miles. The thing is that you will not know unless you are monitoring the fuel pressure that it is putting out. If you "starve" your injection pump then you are in trouble ($$$).

Do some more homework on here before you start paying mechanics to do things according to Chrysler's ways instead of they ways proven by thousands on this forum.
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