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Stock fuel line leak

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Okay. Here's my problem.

I just installed my airdog 100 today. I unplugged the factor suction line, and left it, and plugged my airdog in.. routed everything up.

Unplugged the fuel line at the vp44 from the filter, and left it.

So here's what it looks like, the red lines are the stock lines I left:

So I left everything hooked up, and basically bypassed it.

The problem.. is the line cut off (the original quick disconnect..) is LEAKING FUEL.

Somehow.. someway.. I'm not sure if it's the original left in the lines.. but how much does the filter and stock lift pump hold in it?

It's leaking quite a bit when I drive.. out of the original line.. not sure why, or how to fix it..

I don't see how it's getting a supply though is the thing..
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It's just residual fuel in the factory line.

Easiest way to fix it is to blow the line out before disconnecting from the tank. Then it will never leak again.

I have had guys call me with "fuel leaking from the top of the tank". It's also residual, usually I see the latter condition from trucks that have leveling kits.

So once it's out, it's out and I have nothing to worry about right?

Cause I don't see how it would be getting anymore.. there's no supply to the filter or old lift pump.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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