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Stock Flywheel With Valair Clutch???

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Hey guys, sorry for an easy question, but I can't find any info. I am about to order a Valair clutch to swap in when my stock one lets go. What I am wondering is if I can just get the flywheel resurfaced and put the new clutch in or do I need a new high-performance flywheel to go with the new clutch? Thanks!
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Oh and as you can see in my sig, it's the high output engine with the nv5600 and the 13 inch flywheel/clutch
I have all the mods in my sig (150hp injectors and an Edge EZ) and the only other mods I will do in the near future is a super B Special (if you think it's a good turbo) and the clutch. This is the one I am looking at Valair Clutch Kit 01 05 Dodge Cummins 24V NV5600 6 SP | eBay
So would you get a dual disc ceramic or organic? sorry, I'm not too knowledgeable about clutches. I'll call Valair tomorrow, I just wanted to get some idea of what I need first. Thanks a bunch!

EDIT: I just looked a bit at dual discs and this is just about the cheapest one that I found and it is almost 3 times the price of the single. Do you recommend any that are cheaper, or do I just have to spend a lot more? Thanks again. ceramic nmu70nv56ddsn.htm
It all depends on how much power you want to make. If you want 400 HP don't do a dual disc. If you want 500 you should probably start looking for a dual. If you want over 5 you need a dual. But if you are staying in the 400-425 HP range there is no need for a dual. A single will hold up just fine:thumbsup:
So with the upgrades in my sig (150hp injectors and an edge ez) plus a super b special, I won't be over 400, will I? I'd rather stick with a single because of price but if that is too much power, I guess I will need a dual.
Ok, sweet. Thanks so much guys! I don't plan on making any more than 400-450hp in the near future, so I will try to make a single work for me.
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