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Stock Flywheel With Valair Clutch???

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Hey guys, sorry for an easy question, but I can't find any info. I am about to order a Valair clutch to swap in when my stock one lets go. What I am wondering is if I can just get the flywheel resurfaced and put the new clutch in or do I need a new high-performance flywheel to go with the new clutch? Thanks!
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what clutch are you planing on? do you plan on doing more? what do you use the truck for? if you let us know that we can answer your question and recommend the best clutch for now and future mods....
if i was you, i would look into a double disk.... the price isnt that much more, and if you drive it hard, or pull a lot, you have more then enough clutch to handle it then. single disks can hold the higher hp to an extent, but then you step into having a clutch that is rather grabby and not fun to drive.... my double disk can be slipped, within reason, like a organic single, but when completely engaged holds better then a ceramic single.... and it doesnt have all the extra wear in the flywheel associated with the grabbiness...
It all depends on how much power you want to make. If you want 400 HP don't do a dual disc. If you want 500 you should probably start looking for a dual. If you want over 5 you need a dual. But if you are staying in the 400-425 HP range there is no need for a dual. A single will hold up just fine:thumbsup:
:agree2: unless you are planning on pulling hard, and driving it a little more aggressively.

my clutch is a hybrid, organic pads against the flywheel and pressure plate, ceramic against the intermediate plate.

the price for the dual discs is for the clutch plates, pressure plate, flywheel, and throw out bearing. everything is new, not rebuilt or reconditioned.

so when you consider that, you get a better flywheel, and clutch for the 1k..... thats a decent deal....
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with you mods you are close if the injectors are actual 100 hp sticks. any further mods will likely push you over...... thats my clutch, and i love it.....

got it in the mail, r and r the trans bolt it all in, and let it rip....
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tfaro, one caution i throw out, any truck running a ceramic clutch will notice more aggressive clutch wear into the flywheel..... now this shouldnt really matter toooo much as there is plenty of meat in the stock flywheel to regrind them a couple times.... now, i think you will be fine using the ceramic single, but be prepared for it to be a bit grabby, and possibly chatter on the street when trying to slip it from a red light, especially loaded.

the flywheel should be fine to use, as long as it isnt a dual mass deal, but i think they were a 3rd gen only flywheel.

just want you to know what i know, and not to be upset.
MU 2001 Con. OFE here is another option, that includes flywheel, they sell it without for 200 less too....
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