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stock cummins exhaust manifold

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wil ceramicoating the stock exhaust manifold effect my egt????
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Yeah bud, I am sure it would, and it would save you money. Or, you could just get an aftermarket one, like the BD Manifold. You are gonna also want an aftermarket exhaust system, and then you can really help out your EGT's.
yeah i have been thinking about buying an aftermarket ehaust manifold...where would be the best place to buy one??? :peelout
Make a post in "Request a Price Quote" and I am sure one of our site sponsors will be able to get you squared away!!
what makes them better than the stock maniflod???? :peelout
They are heavier duty and flow better. Also the stock ones can crack when you begin adding more fuel (heat) than stock settings. ATS also makes an aftermarket manifold.
me and my dad are thinking abot making a stainless steal header for my cummins and we are going to see how that holds up.......what are your thought on this?????????? :peelout
i would like to see a header on a cummins motor.
a custom toob job would sweeeeet.
i actually told my dad about the idea and he thought that it would be badass because i have never ever heard of one being made so i thought hey why not.......but i got to finish my truck befor that starts.....becase i think it would be cool to have a stainless header that stock rusty exhaust manifold..... :peelout
as long as the metal can handle 1500F I dont see a problem.

one thing that has always had my mind about the manifold is the pipes are not the same length. I figured if they were the same length that would put the exhaust pulses more even and may help spooling. . .in modded trucks with big turbos.
yeah that is one thing that i am gonna do is make sure that the tubing is thick enough to handle the temperature and make sure that the header flange is thick.... :peelout
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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