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Steering issues 2012

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Went on a 5000 trip 3 weeks ago from Minnesota to California and parts in between. Drove thru Snow storm in the Rockies in CO. Truck drove like a Cadillac.

Here's what is done.

2012 Ram 2500 CCLB
3" Thuren Coils
Thuren upper/lower control arms
Thuren adjustable Track bar
Bilstien 5100
Titan 60 gal tank
Firestone ride rites
08 h2 wheels with kelly safari tsr 315 / 70 / 17

So on the way back I notice my frontend had a clunk. Ended up my jam nut loosened up on my track bar. Fixed that when I got home.

Took it for a 6hr drive round trip to St Paul to watch MN WILD play. On the way there it snowed and the roads were icy. I hit a patch of ice on a straight stretch and front end sorta slid causing me to correct it. So this continued the whole way there and back. Everytime I hit a patch of ice or rough road it did this.

Get home take it in to have alignment done, find out my Drivers side wheel bearing has play, as does my upper BJ. Pass upper and lower BJ has alot of play bearing starting to. So I replaced everything. I verified before I fixed it that everything was worn. Truck has 49,800 on it.

Take it in and again have it aligned. It still did the same thing as before. So I messed with some stuff and came to the conclusion that my gearbox has play, plus i notice a leak starting at adjustment nut on top.

Order a Redhead box since the new HD box from Chrysler is junk. Installed it, took it for a drive. It is better, but still has the same stuff going on. One thing I noticed is that the shop had adjust my lower Control arm cams so one was at 6 o clock, other was at 3. I had marked them prior to me install upper and lower control arms. So I moved them back to there original position. This helped more and helped with the steering wanting to return to center after turning.

I realize that it will be tight since my joints are all new.

I swapped my factory wheels back on thinking maybe, just maybe the tires broke a belt or had a sidewall issue.... nope, it remained the same.

I am at a loss of which way to go.... I've searched and searched for hrs, and pretty much replaced my whole frontend. There doesn't seem to be any play in the intermediate steering shaft or column. Its,had the N49 recall done, and everything looks good. The TR that comes down from pitman arm is good, other one has just a slight bit of play, but I've seen way worse steer better.

I've owned 3 2nd gens, and 2 4th gens so I'm no stranger to there steering issue. Usually from what I've replaced will resolve my issue. Thankfully I can do my own work and have connections to buy parts at discounted rates.

The shop i take my vehicles to normally for an alignment cant align it cause there rack isnt long enough for a crew cab long box.

Any input on this will greatly be appreciated!!!
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Just drove it in a down pour. ... Damn right scary to drive this thing. It follows every friggin crack, line, I'm fighting to keep it on the damn road.

I'm pulling my hair out. Drives like it's on ice skates....darts back and forth.
Yeah my truck does the same thing. Replace OEM ball joints with Dynatrac's, new sway bar end links, and N49 recall. I have a low speed front end clunk and the truck is quite the handful on the highway. Seems like it is all over the road. Just put the truck up for sale. I'm getting tired of it..
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