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Steering box brace with a suspension lift

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I was wanting to put on a steering box brace to strengthen that area but I don't know if it will fit. I have an 8" suspension lift on a shorty conversion and had to relocate my sway bar with drop brackets so the horizontal part of my sway bar is 3-4 inches lower than the stock position. Does anyone have sway bar drop brackets and a steering box brace or know if they will work together? They only cost about $60-80 bucks but I wanted to see what you guys say so I don't waste money on something that won't fit.
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It will work just fine. I have a brace with my lift with swaybar drop brackets.
Stock end links. Drop brackets only.
The brace uses the same bolt locations as the swaybar brackets. The brackets will will go on top of the brace and use the same bolts to attach to the frame. The brace will be sandwiched between the frame and the brackets if that makes sense.
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