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Alright i have a 2000 ctd, i have the airdog fuel system on it. The truck runs great, the only problem that has occurred is if i let the truck sit for about 30min to an hour and go back and try to start it, it cranks and cranks and i have to hold the pedal to the floor and then it finally starts, and it dont sputter or nothing it runs fine. also if i go into the store and come out it fires right back up like normal. And if i back it into the drive way with the nose pointing down hill it fires right up even after sitting all night. So i cant figure out what the problem is, any suggestions. Thanks
I have the same problem and the check valve was not it, replaced VP that didn't do it. I have heard that we can put a little air press. into the gas tank and this woud show us the leak but I am skeptical. But, at this point I'll try anything.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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