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O'K calm down and have a beer or two. You are in for a long ride.
First I would hope you now have fuel pressure after LIFT PUMP (prime pump)was replaced. Some one should perform a LP pressure test to verify.
Did the dealer make note of any fault codes? It sounds like the dealer found fault codes that convinced him of VP44 failure. The dealer should have told you if asked correct question. Now there is a possibility that unit has not completelly purged the fuel system or the shop installing LP created a air/fuel leak that is causing to lose prime. Try this: Park the unit downhill with full tank of fuel. If it now starts normally, you are in luck. Just find the air/fuel leak in fuel delivery or return lines. If no satsifaction, continue.
So if I am reading the blured lines correctlly you need a VP44 (injection pump). The failed LP will take down a VP44 in relative short order. Futher the likely hood of the ECM (computer) being bad is quite remote. Do not consider the ecm to be bad.
With the vehicle running you are not on foot yet...
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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