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starting problem need help

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im having a problem with my 03 cummins with starting the engine refuses to start when cold unless given a tiny shot of either. it seems as though the fuel is being deadheaded when cold because once it cranks over on the either the fuel is then let in. but when the temp gauge reads over 140 it will start up withing 3-4 seconds. please help no mechanic has been able to fix this or figure out what is wrong, thanks
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thanks guys i did think it may have been cranking a little slow expecially compared to my 99 cummins and the oil being warm and allowing it to turn a bit faster definitly makes sense wish i thought of that 40,000 miles ago and actually the lights do dim when idleing the batteries are new but ill have to check them. and can a bad ECM cause this too? wondering if i should just be careful of that too
thank you
checked the batteries and wiring and all seems fine so it must be the injectors unfortunitly there a bit more expensive than replacing some bad batteries...anybody know somewhere to get a good price on injectors or also curious if anyone knows or has heard of someway converting the injection system to something less electronic like a 12 valve pump and injectors its the same block engine so i figure why not as long as it doesnt conflict any elctronic components
common rail injection problem

hi i have an 03 common rail and i know my injectors are shot but would anyone know of a conversion for a less electronic injection system like the earlier 24 valves or 12 valves have that would possibly be cheaper or easier that wouldnt conflict with any of the other electronic components thanks
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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