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starting issues

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I'm in Fairbanks, Alaska and its cold outside but i've had the 06 DR2500 plugged in all night. I turn the key to let the grid heaters cycle like normal and once they finish I turn the key to start the truck. All you hear is a click under the hood. If I turn the key all the way off then all the way back on it starts right up but the horn and hazard lights go crazy. I've tried locking and unlocking it to see if it was something with the factory alarm and got the same results. Any ideas?
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any codes?
do the key on 3 times trick

low batt. voltage causes all types of electronic gremlins.

you running extra battery heater blankets also? makes a big diff. in the Fairbanks Icebox.

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Clean the connections on the batteries. Not just the main ones to the battery but the little ones that bolt to the side as well. My 06 had one loose from the factory that caused all kinds of weird stuff to happen.
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