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Starter issue

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I came out to my truck this morning and went to start my truck and nothing. Everything turns on but when you turn the key and hold it it cranks stops cranks stops. Does that 3 or so times and nothing. Batteries are fully charged. Anyone have this issue before? This is happening to my 06.

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I had a similar problem about a year ago. My 07 5.9 cummins would turn over about 1/4 turn and stop. You could continue to crank on it and after about 10 seconds it would fire off. I had good batteries so I replaced the starter thinking it might be the problem. Few days went by and it started doing it again. I finally tracked it back to a bad battery cable connection. Once it was cleaned and tightened up that fixed the issue. Not sure if this could be your problem but wanted to share my experience with a similar problem.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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