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will turning the star wheel up and the smoke screw be bad for your truck? my truck is all stock but id just like to make it smoke a little more than it does now.. im not gonna be one of those idiots that smokes on people id just like to see it on the long drive to school where there arent many people and i dont want to mess with the fuel plate

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Mess with it all you want. Most on here will rip on you for wanting smoke, but hell, if you hated some smoke, you wouldn't have bought a diesel and turned up the power.

Minor to moderate afc mods won't require gauges but will shorten the life of your stock auto trans. I removed my plate, ground the foot, and put starwheel and boost screw all of the way forward and still have minor smoke. My gauges say I am in safe ranges with the egt's and boost (boost elbow installed)

Congrats though on being the typical kid who wants to see some smoke. Good for the reputation of the rest of us.
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