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star wheel adjusting

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I got an hx-40 60/74/16 and #10 fuel plate and 4k gsk I will be installing tommorrow how much should i crank the star wheel and smoke screw for a baseline tune just wanting a starting point? thanks 98 215/440
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IMO Any changes to the pump is all based on your own matter of opinion. Like fuel plates, I know alot of guys who run a #100 plate with twins for towning. I know some guys like to pull the plate and foot out and others despise doing that.
As for your question if you dont know how to do it then look on the beginner's thread. And for asking how far to turn it. Like I said its all based on your opinion. un screw the cap for it turn it with a flat head. screw the b**ch back on and take it out for a drive, and see if you notice anything.
and adjust it as so from your results.
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