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I have finally installed my Dipricol mechanical 30psi fuel pressure gauge. Is you guys probably know I have a Stanadyne FM100 lift pump that I have never seen before. I plumbed the system with 1/8 SS line wrapped with nylon tubing for extra puncture protection. I tapped my fuel source at the VP44 shroeder valve/test port followed with a needle valve. So far I have been pleased with the gauge, with the exception that it makes ALOT of noise, even if the needle valve is completely shut-off. I have determined it to be simply mechanical vibration and resonance from the VP44, I will soon install a tapped T-Fitting in the rubber fuel line to eliminate this issue. Here are the fuel pressure numbers:hyper:
Bump Start: 18 PSI
Idle: 16.5 PSI
65MPH Cruise: 13-14PSI
WOT: So far I have been able to bring the pressure down to 10 PSI, however that was only a short burst for maybe 5 seconds.
Overall I am pleased with this lift pump setup, it offers 5 Micron filtration with a easy to change filter. I however do not know how it will respond with a heavy fuelling wire tap box. Does anyone know of maybe a beefier better lift pump that mounts on the stock location on the engine block? Thank-YOu
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