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need direction 2016 6.7 stock 90k miles. We have this random stalling issue for a while now
in Las Vegas pulling toy hauler the engine would load up, whistle and stall at every stop light put it park start right up and stall again at the next light, but run great till you slowed to stop again, made it home it got so bad every time you slowed to turn corner it would stall out, took to dealer again they drove and it stalled on them they said the dpf filter is plugged lots $ later we have new filter put 500 miles on and yesterday went fishing ran good to lake my buddy went to get truck and trailer said it was running rough when backing truck down ramp and the first stop light it loaded up stalled out.
to me it sounds like the Exhaust brake is closing and choking it out till it dies then starts up runs good till you stop again but i found if i shift to neutral it doesn't die all the time. Thanks for any input
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