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Stainless exhaust question.

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Looking at 5" Stainless exhaust systems. Found 4 different companies making them. MBRP, Flo-Pro, Diamond eye, and AFE. Anyone have any input which one is the best. Money no object, so fit and finish is key. Also, will be putting an Aero 5050XL muffler.
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My Flo-Pro fit great. I imagine that all 4 companies make a good product but you will probably still find some people who have had bad luck with any one of them. What exactly do you mean by "finish"?

Of the four, MBRP is the only one that I know makes a 304 SS exhaust. Unlike 409 SS, 304 will polish and will not corrode the same are 409. 409 will last a long time but will look just like your stock exhaust after while.
I have been very happy with the AFE. I also installed the AFE muffler to reduce the drone in my megacab.
diamond eye fit great. no reason to spend hundreds more on a different system.
I have a Flo-Pro with no complaints. It has had almost 3 winters on it and has minor corrosion for stainless. I would buy again.
Thanks for all the replies. By "finish" I meant welds at hangers, quality of bends, etc..
Besides, I will be painting the pipes black, maybe even have them powder coated.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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