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I have been trying to figure out a way to get the versatility of a smarty with the practicality of something that I can switch on the fly. I know about the Smarty POD but I don't want something plugged into obdII all the time. My options that I have thought of are


Power Puck

Xzilleraider II

I am leaning toward the Xzilleraider because I can download a pressure only stacker tune from Quadzilla, and use it for my on the fly options and use the Smarty for timing and duration. The reasons I am leaning toward the Xzilleraider is because it has a RP gauge, is very slim and non-obtrusive, and my buddy has one for $175, plus if I ever want to run it as a stand alone turner, it has lots of other downloadable tunes that I can roll with.

Any thoughts anyone?
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