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stacking edge ez

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can you stack an edge ez with the bd tripple dog. this is on a 05 auto. would there be any problems as far as timing.
I have ran the ez for 3 years and can get a used tripple dog for a decent price. its going on the truck used on my avatar. I have strait piped it and has an airaid filter
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You should be ok. In the 04.5+ the EZ just does pressure. You have gauges right? If not you need them ASAP
Ive got a 05 also with EZ and Bully Dog and it runs great. but Killed the tranny quick . Save up for a tranny!
I might have to skip on it. I tried it last night and I didn't like the way it was shifting. I also heard a noise that was coming from the bellhousing/tranny:w:
you dont want that stack on a stock tranny and with out an EGT gauge. But they stack very well together with supporting mods.
It's a good stack but you better get tranny modded. Better low end power. I ran BDTD prior to Smarty & I felt BDTD was stronger.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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