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Stack with Bully Dog PMT?

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My friend has an 05 six speed manual with an AFE stage 2, and exhaust, he just installed a Bully Dog PMT last weekend. It pulls pretty hard, but obviously he wants more. Where can he go from here? Is there anything he can stack with it? Or what should he be planning on next?
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i was wondering the same thing about stacking with a pmt and crazy larry, can anyone help?
he can run a crazy larry on the PMT it will be a noticable difference (just a little). but it's free and only takes a little bit of time.
You could "stack" a pressure box with it. MP8 or Dr. Performance. I'm just saying.
There are a number of ways to move forward in performance but really it just depends on how deep your pockets are.
the crazy larry for pmt is a pretty big difference i think and a pressure box is always a good idea with PMT :) I have the ez
From personal experience of not even having an aftermarket intake and only a hundred horse chip and 30,000 miles, i would def recomend a BIG single disk or dual disk clutch. But that is MPO.
Reguardless of what people say make sure you watch your trucks parameters very closely when stacking anything w/ that Crazy Larry. Stacking to begin with is risky and IMO should only be done on trucks w/ RP and or FP gauges, upgraded turbo/s and fueling mods (injectors is a plus). I personally won't even think about stacking anything on top of my BD CL (when I do run it) , seems to be plenty of power to me. Not trying to be his mom, just trying to save him the trouble of ruining something.
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