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SS trans lines

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I have seen a few people have the lines on here I just need to know how much hose I will need and what size fitting to use. I will be keeping the heat exchanger.
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Well tell me this I have the hose that goes from the cool in front to trans it is leaking at the cooler I have heard that with my trans which is a stage 2 from Jeff garmon that I need to get rid of the stock style lines and go with the ss line setup because of the pressure I have had that tranny for over 2 years now and the leak that I have is just a little wet not pouring out or nothing like that do you think I can go with a new stock line and be ok or what? Thanks
Well the thing with the exchanger is like today its in the low 30s and gets colder than that sometimes down near 0 but not all the time where I live will that hurt anything if I get rid of it. I assume that it helps bring the oil temp up. I just dont no the pros and cons of it is the thing.
Well I just got off the phone with Jeff and he said that the oem lines would work with no problem so I ll got the route and thanks for all the input guys!!!!!
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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