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SRT-6 Badge...

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Guys, I've been working on this badge and I'm trying to get the guy to get us some "group" discounts on it.

We have a thread going on another forum, so I'm just gonna put a link to the thread.


If you are interested, just post up. I sent the maker a link and "hopefully" we can get some decent pricing on it.

Right now, it'll be around $50. We're trying to get that knocked down.

Where I intend it to go on my truck is here:

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Those look GREAT!!! I dunno about $50 each though.
The price is kinda scaring me away... a full badge set would be fun to replace all of the stock ones with. Get the "C" emblem in place of the dodge head...

That's why I'm trying to build a bit of interest and get him to give us a discount for a larger amount.

Like I said, I'm not trying to promote the other site by any means, but post up over there in that particular thread and show interest.

That's the only way other than a hard order that I can bargain with him.

This is the guys website that I'm trying to work this with. Does nice work.

Billet Badges | Welcome
If you can get them down to ~30 each or so im in for 2.
Like I said, the pricing will be reflected by the interest shown.

If you have 2 seconds, just post in the link and say, "I want 2 of them"

That is the link I sent the guy to show him the interest in it.

Again, not trying to promote the site, just trying to work the deal.
id be interested
I would like 1 and I am sure I can sell two to my brother in law
If enough interest is shown here, I'll also give him a link to this thread.

So, if you would like in, please speak up.

Again, I don't make them....I don't sell them...I have not stake in either site or business. I was just coming up with a few design ideas and it kinda took off.
Sign me up
me 2, I'll take one of them there cool lookin badges.
At least one, if price is cheaper I'll take two.
send me a PM when you get them in. if its cheaper i can get a buddy or 2 in aswell
i want two
At least one, if price is cheaper I'll take two.
x2 here and maybe a guy i know as well
i was thinking of doing the same thing. real nice badges!! id def take a couple
I'll start working this with the manufacturer and see what I can work for pricing.

I'll keep you updated as this unfolds.

More than likely, we'll need to have a set number of orders to get decent pricing.

I'll talk to him and see how this will work.
Free Bump, I want to see these happen...

I worked in a little bit different design. Here are the two I'm gonna find out about.

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Sign me up for one. I like the top one with the C
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