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Spin free hubs

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Just wondering if anyone has tried the spin free hub kit. Does it help on fuel mileage or not. Is it even worth the time and money so spend on it
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it does not help on mileage that much. about 0.25 mpg we use them for a different reason
They are very costly and will take many years to recoup your money , but are very nice and give you the ability to maintain your hubs .
I put em on. Don't notice much of a difference in mileage, but i like the fact that they are serviceable tapered roller bearings instead of the factory one piece units. Plus its nice to have a 2wd low gear when your backing a trailer up into a tight spot.
we installed them for the same reason 93ram states, it also gives you two more forward low gears
I installed a set on an older truck I had and picked up about 2-3 miles per gallon. They were expensive though and i never recooped my investment through fuel savings. If you drove a lot of miles and kept them for several years they would pay back the investment.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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