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Well I was on my way to wendover tonight and got about 20 west of lake point when my #4 injector line broke again:doh: I made a call to ryan (rollincoal) and in 30 minuets he was there with a tow strap. With another phone call derek (03dmax) showed up with aaron (rollin94) and a trailer. As were pushing my truck up to the trailer a kid rolls up and asked what was wrong with my truck I told him and he said he had a complete fuel system for a 05 sitting in his garage he told me $35 for the line 30 minuets later my truck was up and running. I just wanted to say thank you so much guys I'm happy to have friends I can count on. And thank you to Kort and Brandon for trying to find me a fuel line with no notice you guys are awesome.
1 - 13 of 47 Posts
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