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i see more and more people looking for these, so i fugured i'd fill you guys in on our deal. Mads Smarty electronics are price protected, therefor anyone found selling under the set price will be cut off and if purchased under that certain price your unit will not carry a warranty. pricing is as follows:

S-06 5.9 03-07 $685 W/ Free next day air.
S-03 5.9 98.5-02 $645 W/ Free next day air.
Smarty JR 5.9 03-07 $495 W/ Free next day air.

Xtreme Diesel Performance - XDP Diesel Performance Parts - Product Search - Criteria: smarty

and the first 5 people to order w/ get a Free Xtreme Diesel decal.

if anybody has any questions please ask here or shoot me a PM.

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