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Well it all started yesterday when I thought I would be nice to set out in front of my shop with the sat radio on and the BBQ pit rolling smoke (since my truck wont yet :D) and then I heard that all to familiar sound of a blown speaker. Yep the driver's side front door 6x9 was toast. What the Fu? Anyway, I pulled all the door panels and removed the speakers. I don't have the Infinity system though. I just have 6x9 in the front and some 5 1/2" in the rear. Going to get some later hopefully. WOW those factory speakers are crap. Any suggestions? :popcorn:
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get infinity replacements. they sound pretty good and there about $125 for a set. from like circuit city or somethin like that.
Cool, I think I might just do that. Thanks
no problem. and you can always go the custom route and buy some 6.5 component speakers but then you gotta hook up an amp.
there is a tsb on the front speakers, you could get a new set of fronts from the dealer, then go buy your aftermarket ones and have the stockers to stuff back in the truck if you decide to sell/trade it off. I have the JL Audio speakers all the way around in mine, they sound fine off the radio power, I have a 4 ch amp I will be installing soon to give them some more clarity.
I too lost my Front Drivers side really sucks. I am not going to take it to the dealer though for that. Off to buy a new set.
in my old 04.5, i put 5 1/4 components in there. regular 6x9's would not fit in the 04.5, the magnet would hit the window. i suggest using a good set of 5.25 components in place of the 6x9's. Dodge factory speakers suck monkey balls. The infinity's are a ok set if your truck came with them.
How hard is it to remove the speakers? Any special tools required?
In my old Hemi i went on Ebay and purchased kicker speakers for front and rear. what an improvement!!!! IMHO, kicker is one of the best. the RMS wattage is what ya gotta look at and they are pretty freakin high. I got the 6by9s off ebay for 54$ plus shipping (regular like 129.99). then i got the 5.25s for 44.99 plus shipping..... im about to do this process on this truck.
Well, I went through this a couple months ago. I can't stand a crappy system.
So I was originally looking into replacing the speakers with factory size Infinitys and leaving it with that. But then I started doing research and went a little further and I love the result. During researching though I found for stock replacement of the basic non-Infinity speakers that Polk DB690 6x9s in the front are a great, cost effective upgrade, as are Infinity Refrence or Kappa Series. They will work pretty well off the factory power without an amp. Also, a little bass from a decent sub goes a long way.
And removing the factory speakers is easy. Just slide off the door panels and unscrew. Phillips head screwdriver and a T30 torx bit for the door handle.
My front speakers where blown when I bought the truck brand new. Took it back the day after I bought it and they said they had a bulletin on them and there had not put enough support behind the speakers and transportaion of the trucks caused enough vibration to crack the speakers. They replaced them in like 30min on waranty
haha funny how horrible they are. Mine is a month old and driver side is blown and annoying. Any other brand suggestions to run off factory?
pretty much anything aftermarket will be better than stockers. I like the polks or infinitys.
Well I installed some Sony 6x9's in the front and some Sony 6 1/2's in the rear. They sound 10 times better than factory. The install was easy. I would recommed changing out the factory speakers for aftermarket ones to anyone now that I can hear the difference
Are they really 6x9s in the door? I guess i better pull them apart and see.
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