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Hey guys. I saw some guy in town with a Ford 2500 the other day. Had his entire spare tire area cleaned out and had a retractable air hose reel with 2.5 gal tank mounted in the space. Had the lead coming through a roller, out of his rear bumper. I asked if he was a contractor and he said no, I just want to be able to air up my tires after 4-wheeling quickly vs overheating his small portable compressor. Think he had the Viair set up. Wish I had taken pictures. :(

I'm going with the ARB twin compressor and mount it under the hood, closest to the batteries and protected. Then run an air hose or line to the rear tank, hooking into the reel. Going to try to do the same but as with fabrication... it takes time and money. Anyone done this on their rigs? Any do's and don'ts I need to know about? Any suggestions are welcomed.




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