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Sometimes sounds like it's spitting out a hairball

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As with all the best problems this one is defying reproduction. Sometimes I will start my 97 Ram2500 truck it coughs and fusses and shuts down. I restart and give it a lot of throttle, acts like it's hacking out a hairball, and eventually it will start and blow out a large cloud of gray/black exhaust.

Then runs like there was never a problem until the next time.

Only things that seem to have any relation is sometimes parking on a slope, doesn't matter up or down. Sometimes having sat for awhile. More often when it's cold.

By the way, never happens in the presence of any of my mechanically gifted friends.
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Thanks. Any thoughts on where to start trying to track down the problem?
Could you go into a little more detail as to how this vacuum cleaner thing works? My wife is not going to let me use any of them around diesel with my being pretty convincing. Thanks
Thanks for your suggestions, I will draft a friend of mine who is more experienced with this sort of thing to try and track down the problem. Will report the outcome.
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