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Do you need an MT? I know I like the Toyo MT, cause they wear pretty good and they work well when I need to go off road. But, forget that :lol4: I want you to try some of these.

285/75R17 Nitto Dura Grappler
Load range E, R speed rating, 33.86", 3970 lbs. @80 PSI
285/75R17 Toyo AT
Load range E, S speed rating, 33.8", 3970 lbs. @80 PSI
Should both be in the 200 dollar range instead of 300.
I think I might try those on my LMM, I've been waiting for someone to report on them! Hefty load rating still fairly tall and a bunch narrower. Good combo as far as I'm concerned!

If you want to stick with the Toyo MT's a word of caution from what I've been hearing they don't wear as well on the smaller sizes. So I would just suck it up and run the 35's again, that's a tough tire to beat. The price is the only downfall. Well that and your milage.
SANDAHOLIC; if you go to and do a search for Dura Grappler then click on the picture of the tire there is a tire test of said tire.There is also a tire test for the way cool lookin Dune grappler u can find by the same method. The Dune - Terra - come in E ratings @3640 per tire 305's, the Dura comes E rated [email protected] For the record, I don't work for Nitto, just found all this doin' my own research cause I found myself with lots of suspension towing my 40' toybox , but I ran out of tire rating on my 315's with a D rating. Hope this will help someone.(couldn't figure out how to just post the link:confused013:) L8R JT:headbang:
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