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I'm in the market for some new tires and I'm doing a little research. Right now I've got 35x12.5 Toyo MTs on my stock rims. The load rating for these tires is 3680lbs(range E).
-I love these tires, they have lasted me 50,000+ miles. They ride great, they pull great.
This time around I want to get a little smaller tire to hopefully get better gas mileage (and cheaper tires). But as I'm looking into other tires, the max load for an E rated tire is much lower.
Example A: BFG AT 285/70/r17 Load Range E - Max load 3195.
Example B: Firestone AT 315/70/r17 Load Range D - Max load 3195


I guess my real question is; will I notice a difference in the ride if I go with a tire that has a lower max load or a D Load Range?

I fairly regularly pull a 8500lb skid steer on a 2000lb trailer.

Thanks for any and all help.
2004 CTD Quad Cab Short Bed 3"lift
I think the BFGs that you mentioned are actually Load Range D as well. I have them. If I remember correctly they are range D.
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