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Some accessories for the trip?

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Ok in about a month the wife, 2 dogs and I will be making the drive from Alaska to Maryland in the Dodge. I am looking to get some gagets for the trip and looking for advice.
I would like a GPS and am leaning toward Garmin, should I spend the money on the super high tech (I think it is at least) one or just go with a nuvi 330 or something. I am not a huge fan of GPS's to begin with but they are handy at times, give me a map and a compass and I can get anywhere you want me. The main reason I would like one is to find fueling stations, camp grounds and resturants and maybe some local attractions throughout our trip.

Next is a Sirus tuner this may sound funny but I have never used one they just came out when we got up here and of course there is no coverage up here so I have absolutly no experience with it. Everyone I talk to loves it so I think it would be a good investment. I have seen some on ebay for like $30 but I have no idea what I am looking at any help here would be awsome.

I would love to not spend a whole lot on these things but I don't want to be dissapointed with either of these purchases so I am willing to pay the $$ if need be.
Thanks for your help guys!
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For the GPS a Garmin Nuvi 350 would be fine for what you want to do with it. I have had mine for a little over a year and it works great. Just make sure you update it via the USB cord on the computer so you get all the newest info for it.

Sirius is a cool thing to have, I have the 35 dollar unit that I got at radio shack. It works pretty good almost everywhere I have taken it.
Get a power inverter. You can plug in stuff like a blender:w: I bought one a while back and i use the crap out of it. I plug my laptop into it or my cooler. I got a 400 W one and I wish I got a bigger one.

Sirus radio is great. 500 channels and nothing to listen to:rof

I love mine
GPS and a sat radio is a must in my book. Another nice addition is a laptop computer with a DVD player.

For the GPS I'd go with the Nuvi 750. The voice will tell you the street names to turn onto instead of just distances. Also, I believe it will warn you of heavy traffic if you have it tuned with a radio station.
I'll second the nuvi 350. It does a great job. It tells you street names also. I have XM in 2 trucks and Sirius in 1 and Sirius is by far the best IMO.
I'll second the nuvi 350. It does a great job. It tells you street names also. I have XM in 2 trucks and Sirius in 1 and Sirius is by far the best IMO.
The 350 says street names too?
The 350 says street names too?
Street names and exit numbers/names as well.:thumbsup And you can find it on sale at walmart for about 250 bucks these days.
Ok so I am gonna go with the 350. Are all sirus tuners the same? Thanks
get a nice CB radio. i never take long trips without the ol cb
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