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Solid Lifters for 2019+

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Been doing some digging and someone (Wagler) is finally offering a solid roller lifter conversion for 2019+ trucks.

It uses the factory ISB adjustable rockers, but just replaces the internals of the hydraulic lifter with a solid spacer. EDIT: Also uses custom pushrods as 2019 uses different ball on lifter and different length.

Seems like a permanent solution for when the hydraulic lifters go bad.
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And this makes me sad…
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@krs probably thinking “told ya so.”
Truly disgraceful. Can't be called an American company anymore.
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Lifters and/or cam. The lifters come out through the cam hole and a stupidly expensive Mopar special tool is needed to do the job.

I decided to go with a Wagler Stage 1 tow cam as I’m not putting a hollow China cam back in.
A special tool for removing the lifters that are only in the 19+ engines? Did you buy that tool and if so what does it look like?
Of the actual cam and lifter install, I’ll do a write up.

Pulling the front end, no. Way too many steps.
If you can't pull the front end apart one should probably have a shop do that job then. Interested in seeing these new lifters
Every gen has one problem or another. FWIW, I prefer the new trucks with a couple fixes then old trucks with much more fixes.
Depending on your desire for problematic emissions especially when one uses their truck in extreme cold temps in remote locations thus lots of idling happening rule out the newer trucks.

I would say the older trucks require less upgrades. All the older trucks have far better aftermarket support as well. The newer trucks and this is not just ram are incredibly problematic and seem to be far more effected by the "supply chain issue" bulls hit.
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So surprise surprise, the new lifter has NO oil groove or hole.

And I was wrong! Some of the new ones have smooth necks and the others have grooved necks.

And actually, ALL new lifters are MADE IN MEXICO.😂

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LH is new one made Oct-2022. RH is original 2019.
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Do you think the one without the oil groove will be as good?
Someone at Cummins must know what is going on with the changes in their hydraulic roller lifters.

How would someone contact that person?
They most likely won't say anything. My dad had his Cat C3406B engine rebuilt by a reputable shop and they used all CAT parts. 5000kms he was having half the engine rebuilt because one of the redesigned cam follower clips had failed and did a lot of damage including destroying the cam. The clip failing allowed the cam to rotate 90 degrees and the rest is self explanatory.

The shop had access to the TSB from CAT to not use these new clips and yet they would not warranty the engine. Even though those were the parts that CAT sent them.
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What makes it worse is if the shop wanted to make a stink about it CAT would've just revoked his CAT distribution license. If we ever get to take back our countries we are going to need a lot of rope.
Cummins definitely wouldn’t disclose anything. I even called them to order these lifters direct, and they stated Chrysler has exclusive rights to purchase them. It’s pretty obvious who spec'd out the hydraulic roller setup and CP4s…
Its not accidental that the newer the vehicle the bigger the piece of s***. It's all part of the "you'll own nothing and be happy eating your bug sandwich."

Ram deliberately chose the CP4 knowing that it isn't designed for our sh!tty quality fuel in North America. Regular gas in much of Europe is 91 octane not 87 like it is here

Check out the 6.6 and 3.0 Duramax diesels requiring the TopTeir diesel.
Are the Cummins cams made by garbage?
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