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soft brakes

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put in new front rotors, pads and calipers went to bleed and cant get the pedal to stay hard with it running is it hard to get the air all out i went thru quite a bit of fluid in the front but did not seem to have air in the rear at all think i could have other problems? dont know the truck well cuz i just got it and have been doing some PM work on it. thanks :thumbsup:
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gonna try that, thanks alot!
got the right and left calipers, if i cant get it to purge out i will bring it back up thanks for the help!
ok i worked it till all the bubbles are gone, but still the pedal goes to the floor slowly but surely need a little help:S: any suggestions?
the pads are touching the rotors and make them pretty stiff to turn, will the master cylinder help this or do yall think this is normal? thanks again
pretty stiff with the rotor but maybe with the tire and wheel it'll loosen up.
ok, replaced the master cylinder and bled the brakes real good the pedal still sinks but not to the floor and the stupid light comes on and then will go back off, i can pump it and get a little harder feeling pedal but still will sink some. the truck has a BRAKE-GUARD down stream of the M/C could this be my issue? the ABS is on but i think that is a different problem. i really appreciate you guys trying to help me thanks.
1 - 7 of 12 Posts
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