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soft brakes

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put in new front rotors, pads and calipers went to bleed and cant get the pedal to stay hard with it running is it hard to get the air all out i went thru quite a bit of fluid in the front but did not seem to have air in the rear at all think i could have other problems? dont know the truck well cuz i just got it and have been doing some PM work on it. thanks :thumbsup:
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i had a heck of a time getting all the air out of mine when i upgraded the rear wheel cylinders. finally got 25' of clear tubing ran the tubing from the bleeder back to the master cylinder and in the fluid cracked the bleeder and pumped the pedal slowly (dont bottom out the brake pedal) till all the air was gone. tried just running it into a bottle 1/2 full with brake fluid in it but it didnt work for me. At first i was so sure i had a bad m/c i went and purchased a new one, it did the same thing. I'm pretty sure ya got a slug of air its just a pain to get it out sometimes.
I used the clear tubing for a couple reasons to see the air and to see dirty brake fluid. I flushed it till it was clear before i put it back in the m/c.reasoning behind back in the m/c is im not jumping out of the truck a dozen more times refilling the fluid. only cost me 4.99 for the tubing at the local hardware store think its 3/16 (looks like clear fish aquarium air tubing)
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the line back to the m/c has always worked for me. did you by chance bottom out the m/c in the bleeding process? or run it hard to the floor holding the pedal while watching it bleed off?I have seen it kill em before. takes the internal seals out. the reason i was so sure mine was bad was i lost a rear wheel cylinder coming home from work and the pedal hit the floor a few times. it dont always take the m/c out but it does it's fair share of times.
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