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soft brakes

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put in new front rotors, pads and calipers went to bleed and cant get the pedal to stay hard with it running is it hard to get the air all out i went thru quite a bit of fluid in the front but did not seem to have air in the rear at all think i could have other problems? dont know the truck well cuz i just got it and have been doing some PM work on it. thanks :thumbsup:
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Make sure the calipers are installed on the correct side.
They fit perfectly upside down on the wrong side except the bleed screw will be at the bottom of the caliper.
If it's at the bottom it will be impossible to get all the air out.
If the pedal sinks slowly to the floor and there are no leaks or fluid loss it means you have an internal master cylinder leak.
Usually cheaper to buy a rebuilt one than to rebuild yourself if you can even find the parts.

Happens quite often when bleeding brakes by pumping the pedal.
What happens is if you push the to the floor is the master cylinder shaft travels into an area that it never travels in normal braking. Rust on the shaft tears the seals up.
If you have no other method to bleed besides pumping put a block of wood under the pedal to keep it from going further than it's normal travel.
It's normal for the pads to touch but it shouldn't be hard to spin the tire.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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