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So found my black smoke today!!!

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Have been on here time and time again complaning about my truck not running right and not blowing black smoke. So finaly got my exhaust put back on and ran it to dump out right in front of my passenger side tire. I found my black smoke it blew right in the driver side window and out the passenger side window of a honda civic!!! Man was that the coolest thing I have ever seen!!!! So here you guys go a huge thank you from me to you for all the help!!! Just wish I had a video camera to capture it on film!!
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Nope they are still in there in gary so that wasnt the issue but know ready for bigger and better!!! Cant wait for my coal train injectors to get here!!! Then gonna see if I can keep the tires rollin all the way through third>>>> its auto by the way if want to know!!
Yep gonna try and see what I can tear up next!!!!! Will let you know!!!!!!
Either way I will be sending you your injectors on friday!
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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