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Best off yanking the smoke switch out and build for power... The smoke switch causes the VP44 to go into full retard timing. Performance wise it kills the horsepower. Trust after playing with it for a few month I did the same thing yanked it out because it doesn't do the truck any good to flood the cylinders with a bunch of fuel it can't burn. Tell you the truth with the price of fuel being what it is your willing to waste fuel for show...

As for the P0236 code its "Boost too high too long"... In other words the ECM see the MAP sensor is high too long. If you going to operate the smoke switch you only want it on for no longer than a few seconds (just like typical boost) other than that the ECM toss the P0236 code.
Mike, good to see ya postin here again man...i've said this many times but i love your site, and the new look is a lot easier to navigate

Thanks for the help. another thing i have now but i unhooked everything is that now its throuwing a p1286(accel pos sens supply voltage too high) p0123(throttle position sens circut high imput) and p0237(turbo boost sensor A circut low). is this something that i can erase with an OBDII er is it something that i have to fix something to make the codes go away
try searching "APPS reset" on the forum and do that then immediately clear the codes w/ the scanner...the boost code shouldn't show back up again if you pulled the smoke switch off, but if that apps code shows back up yours could be on the way out
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