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Smarty once again

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Ok I am ordering a Smarty. What should I know. Just wondering what you guys can tell me to be ready for. I am going to stack it with my Van aakens c5 Smarty rated at 170hp C5 rated at 175. should make a good combo.
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Also when I download the smarty should I disconnect the C5? Will they mess with each other? The c5 plugs in under the hood by the engine block.
if you run both I would run a non timeing program, or just set the timeing to stock on the smarty.

I would start out with SW#4 and have the C5 off, then just bump it up a bit till the clutch screams uncle then back off.
Oh I am putting on a southbend too That should help hehe
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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